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Health & Wellbeing

Manuka Honey – Amazing for Your Skin Benefits

There are many skincare products on the market that turn out to be no good because they use ingredients of no value. But there’s one substance that always performs as ‘advertised’. I use the quotation marks because it’s not a manufactured product. It’s all-natural Manuka honey.The benefits of Manuka honey are numerous and verified. If you need something for your skin – to fight infection, moisturize, soothe, balance, tone and firm – Manuka honey is truly amazing. Of course, it’s not always easy

A Facial Routine for the Aging Woman

Aging is an inevitable part of life. But life also knows how to rejuvenate itself. Nature can keep itself looking refreshed. As you begin to age, you can learn from nature by using what it provides in a bid to maintain your own appearance of freshness and vitality. While the clock never stops ticking, there are things you can do to help slow down the appearance of age. A regime of natural ingredients for both your inside and your outside can go much farther toward keeping your skin healthy and g

Green Superfoods to Boost Your Mind’s Health

It’s well known that a balanced, healthy diet is the key to a healthy body. Now it’s time to eat for your brain. Scientific studies keep coming out regularly to show how processed foods and junk can adversely affect mental health Many other studies are showing how eating the right nutrition can boost mental health, acuity and stamina. As Forrest Gump might say, green superfoods and mental health go together like peas and carrots. The great news is that getting this good nutrition is actually e

6 Easy Ankle Strengthening Exercises

If you’re anything like me, your ankles take a lot of abuse. Let’s face it, these joints are made up of some very complicated yet fragile engineering and are among the used, stressed, and even overworked parts of the body. Just standing up and walking requires ankles to play a major role. Then there’s higher impact activities like jumping, dancing, and running. It doesn’t take much to roll an ankle and then the full force of your weight and momentum can cause serious damage. Therefore, doesn’t

Bedtime Snacks That Can Help You Sleep

Two things that each of us must do every single day are eat and sleep. One affects the other, although we tend to pay more attention when those effects are negative. Sleep deprivation can put people in a weakened mental state and make them reach for foods they shouldn’t. Meanwhile, eating the wrong kinds of food, especially before bed, can ruin sleep. If you’re having sleeping difficulties, there’s a chance you aren’t eating the right foods that will help you fall asleep and stay asleep longer

Six Little Known Benefits of Dead Sea Mud

Israel holds a special place in the hearts of millions of people across the globe. Its beautiful landscape, unique history, and religious significance all set Israel apart from any other nation. It is also home to a location that has been revered for its special health properties for centuries: the Dead Sea. And within the Dead Sea is found one of nature’s wonder substances: Dead Sea mud. The Dead Sea is the deepest hypersaline (34% salt) lake in the world found at the Earth’s lowest point of

Marketing & Advertising

Is Facebook Live Streaming a Better Option than Periscope?

We live in a digital age that is becoming more so. The Internet of Things is upon us, whereby everything – and everyone – may be plugged in and transmitting. We expect instant information and already see so many events through live online streaming. Businesses are in on the act and streaming events, launches, workshops, webinars, demonstrations, and much more. Social media are the channels for streaming. There is never a dull moment in the world of social media and the game of “one-upmanship”

Quality Online Content Brings You Respect in Your Field

Today’s marketplace is being flooded with more products and services than ever before. While this might be great for consumers to have almost countless options and alternatives, it makes the job of distinguishing one business from all the others tricky. To compete, you need to (1) keep your business in front of their eyes more often than the competition and (2) help consumers sort through the choices. One way to do this is to post quality online content. Regular information that is engaging, in

How to Make Your Brand Memorable

Although the road to success can take many different paths when looking at the world’s most successful brands, they all have one thing in common – they stand out among the rest. Creating a memorable brand should be up there in importance with profit and sales, as ultimately, they can all heavily influence one another. However, building a brand and more importantly, creating a memorable one is easier said than done. And much like success, creating a memorable brand can be done in many ways, howe

Why Your Brand Needs In-Store Demos & Product Sampling

The goal of any marketing initiative is to acquire customers and to build and maintain a relationship with them. And while there are numerous ways to do this, few allow you such perfect circumstances to directly reach and engage your target audience as in-store demos and product sampling. Gone are the days when in-store demonstrations simply meant a person standing behind a foldout table, mechanically handing out pre-portioned samples of the latest potato chip. Today’s successful demonstrators

Fear of Missing Out: A Driving Force Behind Event Marketing

Have you ever been stuck sitting at home while all your friends are out at a party, concert, or event, only to find yourself wishing you were there? Although this sentiment is a bit of cliché and the driving story line behind many a teen movie, in reality, fear of missing out (FOMO) has been a call to action for generations. However, through the advent of social media, FOMO has never been a more powerful driving force in impacting the decisions of consumers, and no generation is more affected th

Home & Home Renovation

What to Expect When Remodeling Your Bathroom

You would be hard pressed to find a room in your home that gets more use, in proportion to its size, than the bathroom. It stands to reason, then, that it should be the inner sanctum you want it to be. Bathrooms are the most remodeled rooms in homes today. Despite their small size, without proper planning and professionalism, renovating them can cause some large inconvenience. So, here is a straightforward, honest guide to your bathroom remodel, and what to expect going into it, so you can get

Create a Celebrity Style Home in Vancouver

It’s no secret that many people love looking at celebrities’ homes and wish to live in similar style. Whether those celebs have simple looking homes or flashy, ostentatious monuments to the wealth they’ve amassed, there are often some design ideas  that inspire the imagination is us all. One thing famous people are good at is having homes that combine comfort and space with privacy from prying eyes. So, if you’re ready to build a gorgeous and comfortable new home in or around Vancouver, or plan

So Many Great Staircase Design Ideas

For as long as people have lived inside four walls and under a roof, they have striven to make their homes extensions of themselves. When houses went from single story to multi, they didn’t just gain more space. They gained another way for homeowners to show off their taste, style and personality: the staircase. Staircases the world over have long been so much more than just a way of getting from floor to floor. Whether you are home often and want the perfect environment for you and your family

Luxurious Master Bathroom - Spoil Yourself Rotten

Your master bathroom should be not only functional, but also a place for luxurious relaxation. With today’s bathroom design ideas and unique fixtures, it can be an inviting, beautiful and comforting space. Whether you prefer an invigorating shower massage or a long soak in the tub, you can turn your master bathroom into a sanctuary for de-stressing after a hard day. Bathroom design ideas can help you transform the space so you can luxuriate in the privacy and comfort of your own home. It can

4 Outdoor Plants Any Tampa Homeowner Can Grow

OK, so everyone loves a gorgeous garden but not everyone has a green thumb. It’s not an impossible dilemma. If you have two black thumbs, you don’t have concrete the entire yard and avoid planting anything. There are some beautiful easy outdoor plants that even you can grow successfully. In fact, they’ll grow easily and strongly without much attention because they are ideal for the conditions here in the Tampa area. Celebrated and revered in folk songs sung by barbershop quartets, the Black-Eye


15 Gluten Free Foods That Taste Wonderful

In the world of food, a not so quiet revolution is well underway – against gluten. From cooking shows to specialty cookbooks, from restaurants to artisan shops, people are turning away from this mixture of proteins, found in wheat and related grains, that gives dough its elastic texture. For many people, the choice is more about health than preference, like for those with celiac disease. Others find it inflames their digestive systems. Whatever your reasons for going gluten free, there still se

21 Essential Kitchen Utensils You Can’t Do Without

Whether you’re a gourmet foodie whose cooking has family and friends lining up or you’re a take-out titan who only cooks for special occasions, the frustration is the same when you find yourself without a needed kitchen utensil. While this may seem like a simple remedy, think carefully before buying just anything. Going to the dollar store or grocery store is a bad idea because whatever you buy will break within a short time. Meanwhile, don’t clutter your drawers with useless stuff you buy on a

Easy, Clean and Healthy Snacks for Work

Easy, Clean and Healthy Snacks You Can Munch On At Work Sometimes being healthy requires time, preparation and commitment. Especially at work where junky snacks can be a huge temptation. But sometimes, it’s easy to do the right thing. Healthy work snacks are no longer a distant dream, especially with these easy green superfood snack ideas to keep your mind sharp and tummy satisfied. You simply have to be active and eat smart. For some reason in our modern society, we don’t mind putting in the


My Wife Wants To Co-Sleep And I Don't

After 8 unforgettable months of pregnancy, my two little ones arrived, and needless to say; it was an exciting, joyful, but overall hectic time in my house. Upon their arrival, everything was to change (expectedly) and how couldn’t it, with two new, relatively helpless little things that are completely reliant on you and your partner to survive; add that on top of anything and everything you and your partner already have going on, and that equals one busy couple. When it all began, I will admi

17 Tips To Raise A Reader For Life

From how-to online videos and tutorials, to 3D television and movies; as much as it breaks my heart to say, reading has some pretty stiff competition in terms of entertainment and education these days. It’s no mystery as to why this is, for it isn’t just reading, but rather everything that falls under our control that we wish to improve upon; make easier, better and faster. We at one time rode horses and now we ride in cars; we formerly hand wrote letters, and now we send emails of barely legib

How Becoming A Dad Can Make You A Better Person

Becoming a father is a scary, wonderful, confusing, joyful, tiresome and life-changing experience, and I’ve heard that becoming a mother is a big deal too, but we aren’t here to talk about that today. When you first become a father, you are likely to become (unavoidably) tired and cranky, don’t worry, it does get better (a little), and in time, you will realize that becoming a father doesn’t only mean you’re responsible for another life, but it also can make you a better person than you were be